Globally, the rate of women computer science graduates is declining at an alarming rate, leading to a lack of a pool of female tech graduates. At the same time, the number of women technologists dropping out of coding jobs and the STEM workforce is skyrocketing. Against this backdrop, Hackathons targeted at women have emerged as an interesting hotbed of cutting-edge tech ideas and technology recruitments - encouraging women into STEM by offering them a collaborative platform for ideation and coding that is non-threatening.

The WiSTEM Hackathons are a key component of The Meera Kaul Foundations Women in Stem Program. Held multiple times a year, in various locations across the globe, our Hackathons provide opportunities to budding female entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into innovative, sustainable businesses. At this event, women/ students/girls meet other like-minded women, angels and support organizations to enable them to create networks that will last for a lifetime. Each event runs on a different theme, allowing participants ample opportunities to explore their creativity.

Upcoming Events

The All-Women Hackathon 2016 will be themed 'Smart Cities for Women'. Teams will develop mobile apps to help create Smart Cities that empower women.

Women innovators, developers, technology geeks, budding entrepreneurs - join us at the event!

February 19-20, 2016, Astrolabs, Dubai, UAE

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    Tips & Tricks

    Strategize! Prepare a layered strategy for your product. It is important that all team members are on-board with this strategy for good synergy.

    BYOD! Please bring all necessary technological devices present at the Hackathon. We will provide Wi-Fi, power cords, food, beverages and mentors to help you through the two-day event. All you need to do is be present with that creative brain of yours!

    Style First, Substance Later! This means choose your platform, design and then implement the code.

    Test, test, test! We encourage you to ask any question that you have about a particular functionality or a code from our panel of mentors present at the Hackathon. Utilize them to your advantage!

    Show, don't tell! When presenting your final product make sure that you follow the protocol and practice a "Show, Don't tell" policy. We highly encourage that you prepare a presentation that will enable all your team members to collaborate. The judges will be asking you questions about the technicalities of your app or product, so do not hesitate to speak your code. We will have a mentor specified to help you perfect your pitch.

    Make an Impact! Most especially, your app must answer the question: "How will my app impact education and learning?"

    About MKF

    The Foundation works with individuals and corporations to address issues of gender bias and strives to eradicate inequality through education, programs, seminars and conferences.We invest in women and women driven programs to create opportunities for unlocking the potential of women in areas of their expertise, to support the sustainability of their careers, and enhance their personal growth and stability.

    The Foundation funds organizations led by fierce women leaders in emerging markets working to make their communities safe, healthy, happy and prosperous and their livelihoods secure and respectable.

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